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Casmir Charbonneau Assassin

Name: Casmir Charbonneau
Age: Collectively 2,012 )killed at 23 and 1,989 years have passed)
Likes" Protecting
Dislikes: Harm to others
Brought up in the slums of a great city and raised by his mother, he and his sisters had no one but themselves. Their mother spent the day doing her best but at night she sold her body to earn whatever money she could to feed her children. After she was killed by a "patron" he and his sisters were separated and sent to an orphanage where Lea and Anna were adopted out and Casmir remained. Years passed and Casmir ended up entering into fights where he'd be pitted against others and if he won, he received prize money if not....well he'd be punished in accordance to his owner. One night he saw in the audience the eyes of his twin sisters, Lea and Anna. Afterwards he met with them secretly and was told Lea had been....taken advantage of. Enraged, Casmir hunted the men down and succeeded in take four of their lives. The final man, however puled a pistol on Casmir and before he knew it Casmir had been shot near fatally. In one final effort, Casmir gained the gun (the man assumed the boy was dead and set the weapon down to toast his victory) and took the man out just as the last drop of light faded.
Almost two thousand years later and Casmir was made a Denicalis, bound to the horned god Cernunnon of the eternal hunt. Eighty years ago, he was approached by his former master Charon and told of what the future held and what the plan was; though it made him sick to think of taking a life of someone who didn't deserve it, he agreed. Now he searches out for her, the girl from River Watch; Andraste Wolffstar

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